100 Days Project


Food for thought *Dork moment*

Ok so I love Batman and after reading Justice League Tower of Babel and watching Justice League Doom I realize that yes, Batman is super paranoid and to have made contingency plans against any and all members of the Justice League is a complete breach of trust. What I realized though during one of his speeches was that he mentions that they are the most power beings on the planet and maybe even the universe and to not have a fail safe in case of mind control or switching sides (which has happened to many) would be “damn foolish”. In the counter argument that “they have used their powers for justice, always have and always will” showed me something. Arrogance. Their power and deeds have shown that they have become quite arrogant into believing that their wills can not be broken to bend to the other side. Everyone and anyone can easily be twisted by the simplest trigger. To be so arrogant to believe you yourself can not be changed and shouldn’t require a back up plan to neutralize them is just once again… Damn foolish.

obviously there is more to it but I don’t feel like typing so yea.